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Artwalk Exhibit Next Month!

November 18 and 19 Artwalk 2011 is coming soon…at least imminence is felt as I get the pieces ready. My exhibit at TransPecos Bank in Alpine will begin on Tuesday, November 15th and end on November 30th. I recently finished this commissioned piece that will be on display. It was a luscious piece of work with new Unison Color Soft Pastels on Wallis Pastel Paper. This sanded paper allowed me to work in a larger format (36.5″ x 24″) Thanks to both former Artwalk featured artists, Lindy Cook Severns and Deborah Allison for the info on materials as well as their inspiration. The original pastel drawing (image below) I made for Artwalk will be raffled off at $10 a ticket and the monies will go the School Art Fund! Tickets are available through me or at Kiowa Gallery in Alpine. The drawing is matted and framed and looks great! Last week, I delivered this year’s Artwalk check to the Big Bend High School and the 8th graders of the Terlingua Common School District. Spent the time talking to them about Artwalk…the Art Car Parade and chance to see regional art. I also shared my ‘Macro on the Go’ presentation from the Shooting West Texas Photography Symposium. What a fine group of young adults in Terlingua! They were attentive and interacted. One student went home that night, took a close-up of a butterfly and is now entering it in a contest. Yesssss!

Shooting West Texas Follow Up

What a mind soaking weekend in September at the 2011 Shooting West Texas Photo Symposium, and not just because it rained! My head is swimming with so many fantastic images…Wyman Meinser’s aerial view of Guitar Mountain, Terry Nathan’s cloud embraced peaks, and Jeremy Woodhouse’s filmy birds in fight. I loved Rachel Waller’s passionate horse portraits and Laren Bridges’s enthusiastic connection to people. The ranch legacy is revered in Adam Jahiel’s stunning silver prints. Wayne Baize’s gracious love of painting and drawing the West Texas ranch life carries over from his referential photographs. For the next Texas Monthly cover, I’ll muse over TJ Tucker’s perseverance as creative director. True to his home and heart, Russell Graves shared his smile-inducing video ventures. True to the preservation of historical photographs are Melleta Bell and Mike Howard, Archives of the Big Bend. On a menu of fabulous photographers, I was the last to present. My topic was called ‘Macro Mode on the Go’ but more aptly could’ve been ‘Close Up on a Budget’ or ‘Getting Intimate with Things that Stick, Sting or Bite’. I hope it gave folks the gusto to explore with their photography. Again and again, thanks to Barney Nelson, Barbara Richerson and all those that made the event at Sul Ross State University a success. Okay, enough sitting and more shooting!

the audience