Art Becomes a Cycling Jersey

I have always wanted to see my fish and cactus theme swimming on fabric, so when a tandem cycling couple suggested that I make one of my images into a jersey…well, that idea hung on for a few years. One day, after finishing a drawing, I asked my friend and graphics wizard, “Can we make this a jersey?” “YES!” was the exuberant response.

Wizards do perform magic. kt had not only laid out the art so it would fit anyone from a small child to a full-grown warrior. She added some magic to give the colors a brightness that would say, “See me! I’m a cyclist!” Ensued was the tweaking and sharing of files with the jersey printers, Primal Wear. Primal has a great, responsive staff, and they produce a quality jersey.

Deadlines were met and, lo and behold, the jersey arrived! What a bundle of color as we pulled the jerseys from the boxes. Funny how things work out…even a cyclist purchased the original drawing. I simply smile when I see those colors on two wheels, carving a trail through the desert.

If you would like to own this ‘wearable art’ jersey, contact Desert Sports at 888-989-6900 or 432-371-2727. Price is $95 plus sales tax. A few sizes are left for women, and a range of sizes are available for youth and men.