Artwalk Gratitude

Whoa….what an Artwalk! Huge, warm hugs of gratitude go to all the fine people that supported my show and made the event possible. The raffle winner of the original Artwalk image is…..Janet Stewart of Alpine, Texas. Well-deserving Janet is the dedicated director of the Big Bend Arts Council. My young artist friend, Luna, pulled the winning ticket. The raffle raised over $1500 to jumpstart fundraising for this coming year’s Savor the Arts progam which pledges money to the area school art programs.

And what a lovely, comfortable setting for my work at TransPecos Bank! Ben Russell and staff welcomed and helped with all that was needed. The Sul Ross Mariachi Ensemble serenaded while wine and refreshments were served. My art generated a range of responses – a few were haunted by snakes and spiders but most were impressed. I loved the stories the images generated – one lady, armed with a broom and a dustpan, was almost hit by a truck when trying to save a tarantula from the road. Another woman told me about being eye level with a snake (the non-venomous variety) and her adventures in moving it so the frogs living in her unfinished outdoor shower wouldn’t be eaten. I met my toddling great-niece, Jolee, and her artist mom, Mary Jo Vick, for the first time, and an adult variety great-niece, Jessica Vick, had a successful weekend at her shop in Alpine. It was great to hang with friends and meet new ones. The South County contingency was strong and we were the last around the campfire.

Riding the Austin Bike Zoo double trouble butterfly bike along with the Zebracorn in the Art Car Parade was a highlight as well as dancing to Augie Meyers and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Left my exhibit guardian duty to hear the music of Trevor Reichman for a few songs. Dashed into other galleries and saw the work of Rachel Madera, Renee Cisneros and Julianna Johnson among many others. Small world award goes to photographers, Laren and Drew Bridges. My sister and I stopped to visit with Laren, a fellow photo symposium speaker, and meet her husband when we discovered that Drew had been raised by our Aunt Polly Allbright. A few tears here.

If you were unable to make the exhibit, here is a virtual tour. Autographed posters ($10) and long-sleeve event shirts ($25) are still available at Kiowa Gallery in Alpine (thanks, Keri!). The sale of these items will fund Artwalk 2012. Well, time to recover between the holidays. Thanks again to ALL…to the friends who loaned art from their private collection…to Dennie Miller for loaning me rechargeable batteries in a pinch…to the ladies who loaned me their wardrobe advice. Cheers to ART!