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Painting Large

Allbright_HoytPainting2016_2976_1This commissioned painting has hit the road! It is the largest canvas I have painted in a long time – 28″ x 60″ (yes, that’s 5 feet wide). I have been remiss in my posts and have plans to change that! More soon….

Website has a New Look!

I am excited to launch a NEW website format! Please take a look around, and let me know what you think. On the CONTACT Page, you may now safely sign up for email notification regarding new art, upcoming exhibits, and fresh postings. Did I mention it is MOBILE friendly!! Great appreciation goes out to Ray Gulick of Evolution Web Development for his expertise and patience in getting this new site up and running! Now, it’s time to make more ART!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.37.59 PM

Art Becomes a Cycling Jersey

I have always wanted to see my fish and cactus theme swimming on fabric, so when a tandem cycling couple suggested that I make one of my images into a jersey…well, that idea hung on for a few years. One day, after finishing a drawing, I asked my friend and graphics wizard, “Can we make this a jersey?” “YES!” was the exuberant response.

Wizards do perform magic. kt had not only laid out the art so it would fit anyone from a small child to a full-grown warrior. She added some magic to give the colors a brightness that would say, “See me! I’m a cyclist!” Ensued was the tweaking and sharing of files with the jersey printers, Primal Wear. Primal has a great, responsive staff, and they produce a quality jersey.

Deadlines were met and, lo and behold, the jersey arrived! What a bundle of color as we pulled the jerseys from the boxes. Funny how things work out…even a cyclist purchased the original drawing. I simply smile when I see those colors on two wheels, carving a trail through the desert.

If you would like to own this ‘wearable art’ jersey, contact Desert Sports at 888-989-6900 or 432-371-2727. Price is $95 plus sales tax. A few sizes are left for women, and a range of sizes are available for youth and men.


Viva Terlingua Fest 2014

Regal Ringneck © Crystal Allbright

Regal Ringneck © Crystal Allbright

Terlingua, Texas is rich with the talent of local musicians, photographers, and filmmakers, and they will have the chance to share their artistry this next weekend, August 14th – 17th. A group of fine folks headed up by Pat O’Bryan are presenting Viva Terlingua Fest. “…we decided that we’d put on a party and invite people like ourselves. People who live their lives like art and make art like they live.” So, what do I do? I enter all three categories and had work accepted in each. Insert a little smiling, grateful tap dance here.

The four days of festivities will include a photography exhibit at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua. Three of my images will be displayed…two pics have never been shown in public! My good friend, Jennifer Peña, will be showing her photos for the first time!

The Red Rock Theater in Lajitas will be the cool setting for videos on the afternoons of Friday and Saturday. I submitted a 3 minute video called “Hoop for Rain” which is set to outstanding guitar wizardry of Julian Mock. It will be played on Saturday, the 16th at noon.

I love original music, especially when it is written by friends, especially when it comes from their souls. Songwriters will be featured each evening at the Thirsty Goat in Lajitas and the Starlight Theater in Terlingua. These are two great venues for enjoying refreshing beverages while listening to words spun into song. Prolific songwriter, Laird Considine, will perform on Friday, the 15th from 6 – 7 pm at the Starlight and I’ll be backing him up with the squeezebox. Then on Saturday, the 16th at 5 pm, I’ll sing a few of my creations with Laird weaving sweet mandolin lines into the mix.

What a great way to spend August! Of course, there will be hula hooping, too! A hooping jam will be hosted by the Barton Warnock Center on Thursday, August 14th from 10 am – noon. Come hoop with us on the state park’s spacious, cool porch, and loosen up those hips before a weekend of fine art and fun times.

Alpine Artwalk 2013 almost here!

Yes, I hope to see much art and many artists at the TWENTIETH annual Alpine Artwalk. Dates are November 22 and 23rd. Earlier this summer, Jean Hardy-Pittman, of Front Street Books invited me to show in the Reading Room. Copper Love will have her Big Bend paintings there, too! Then the Artwalk Board Members decided to have a show at Trans Pecos Bank to feature all the featured artists from the past 20 years…great idea! So I will also have some pieces at the Trans Pecos Bank along with a fine line up of artists. The list so far: Deborah Allison, Wayne Baize, Tom Curry, John Davis, Boyd Elder, Teresa Elliott, James H. Evans, and Abby Levine. Other featured artists on this impressive list include Merrian Meriwether, Harriet McDonald, Emily Harmon and Alan Gerson. The there will be the Austin Bike Zoo Parade on Saturday as well as hula hoopers in the street. Wow! Should be a great show and I hope to say howdy to all y’all!

2015 Big Bend National Park Calendar

At the end of June, I received a call from Barbara Hines of the Big Bend Natural History Association. She invited me to be the featured photographer for the 2015 Big Bend National Park Calendar. After a moment of shocked silence, I responded, “Yes, why it’s a dream come true!” They needed the images by the first part of August 2013, and you may wonder why so early? They needed time…time to select the images and for park personnel to write narratives about each photo. Time for the graphics company to design the layout and to have the calendar printed at the first of 2014. The goal was to have the calendars ready to sell by February. That meant I had only July to add new images to my portfolio. How will I document snow and fall foliage in the middle of our desert summer? “May I dig in the archives?” and yes, was the response.

So off I went, tromping through old hard drives and using images I had considered for nothing else. The ones waiting for their shining moment. With the unusually mild temperatures and the classic lovely rains in July, I was also able to trek across the desert, chasing evening rainbows and early morning light. Exploring new locations and visiting old favorites in the hopes of seeing iconic places of our beloved national park from a different perpective. I found my mind dancing with ideas…there was so much to share. Beautiful flora, interesting fauna, exciting geological formations, historical sites. The different biomes…the river, the desert, the mountains. The subtle changes in seasons…rain and blooms and fall colors. Through all of this, I had to think in a square format which was exciting and different for me. As a photographer, I’m technically challenged, but the praises of a ‘good eye’ pressed me forward. My final images were taken with 5 different cameras…most of which are a point and shoot variety. I even resurrected an old camera that had taken many of my favorite images.

In a whirlwind, I delivered my files, and the staff of the association chose their favorites…13 for the large spaces and 12 for the small spaces. Now the images are with Chris and Ellen Ruggia of Vastgraphics in Alpine. I have worked with them on many projects in the past so I was thrilled they were handling the design. Now we wait. I posted a few here that were not selected to keep the final product a surprise. In the meantime, you can support the Big Bend Natural History Association by buying their 2014 calendar with images by Blake Trester. Blake’s images include the nighttime Milky Way over the Chisos Mountains and a gorgeous view from the rim of Mariscal Canyon. Trust me, it’s marvelous.

Artwork on the Move

IMG_8302My artwork has moved to the Big Bend Regional Medical Center in Alpine, Texas and will be on display for the month of July 2013. It was great to visit with friends that work there while hanging the show. I hope the images bring folks a little cheer. The exhibit is made possible by the Big Bend Arts Council.

Artwork at West Texas Nat’l Bank in Alpine, Texas

Rosemary Fritz contacted me about participating in an art exhibit program sponsored by the Big Bend Arts Council, and I said, YES! The artist shows at two locations for a month each and the easels and wall display format make it an easy hang. For the month of June, I have photographs and paintings at West Texas National Bank in Alpine, Texas. The lobby hours are 9 am – 3 pm MON-FRI. For the month of July, the artwork will move to the Big Bend Regional Medical Center. So stop by the bank lobby this June, and take a break from the heat. While prepping the display, it was great to visit with Jan Moeller (paints beautiful watercolors), Sheriff Ronny Dodson and Dr. Roy Dodson (my painting professor at Sul Ross). Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing any of the pieces… Cheers!

Austin Bike Zoo – Alpine Artwalk

2012 Artwalk featured the Austin Bike Zoo and I was thrilled to join them by documenting the school visits, the parade, and the RIDES! Members from Artwalk had the great idea to make a wing-themed parade, so that the students could make wings and join in the parade. The creative process at work! I learned so much about the enthusiastic art scene in the Alpine schools. Cheers to the teachers!