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Painting Large

Allbright_HoytPainting2016_2976_1This commissioned painting has hit the road! It is the largest canvas I have painted in a long time – 28″ x 60″ (yes, that’s 5 feet wide). I have been remiss in my posts and have plans to change that! More soon….

Shop is OPEN!!

Here you go! I am opening the doors to my online shop! This is where you can purchase greeting cards, postcards, posters, and bike jerseys that are created from photographs and artwork by Crystal Allbright. There are a few original paintings available to buy now! You can have it shipped or you can pick it up at Desert Sports or you can have it delivered locally. Ray Gulick, of Evolution Web Development, was crucial in setting this up, and I look forward to adding canvas prints in the near future. Have fun and support creativity! Welcome to the Shop!

Cheers, Crystal Allbright

Fish No Water

Art Becomes a Cycling Jersey

I have always wanted to see my fish and cactus theme swimming on fabric, so when a tandem cycling couple suggested that I make one of my images into a jersey…well, that idea hung on for a few years. One day, after finishing a drawing, I asked my friend and graphics wizard, “Can we make this a jersey?” “YES!” was the exuberant response.

Wizards do perform magic. kt had not only laid out the art so it would fit anyone from a small child to a full-grown warrior. She added some magic to give the colors a brightness that would say, “See me! I’m a cyclist!” Ensued was the tweaking and sharing of files with the jersey printers, Primal Wear. Primal has a great, responsive staff, and they produce a quality jersey.

Deadlines were met and, lo and behold, the jersey arrived! What a bundle of color as we pulled the jerseys from the boxes. Funny how things work out…even a cyclist purchased the original drawing. I simply smile when I see those colors on two wheels, carving a trail through the desert.

If you would like to own this ‘wearable art’ jersey, contact Desert Sports at 888-989-6900 or 432-371-2727. Price is $95 plus sales tax. A few sizes are left for women, and a range of sizes are available for youth and men.