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Viva Terlingua Fest 2014

Regal Ringneck © Crystal Allbright

Regal Ringneck © Crystal Allbright

Terlingua, Texas is rich with the talent of local musicians, photographers, and filmmakers, and they will have the chance to share their artistry this next weekend, August 14th – 17th. A group of fine folks headed up by Pat O’Bryan are presenting Viva Terlingua Fest. “…we decided that we’d put on a party and invite people like ourselves. People who live their lives like art and make art like they live.” So, what do I do? I enter all three categories and had work accepted in each. Insert a little smiling, grateful tap dance here.

The four days of festivities will include a photography exhibit at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua. Three of my images will be displayed…two pics have never been shown in public! My good friend, Jennifer Peña, will be showing her photos for the first time!

The Red Rock Theater in Lajitas will be the cool setting for videos on the afternoons of Friday and Saturday. I submitted a 3 minute video called “Hoop for Rain” which is set to outstanding guitar wizardry of Julian Mock. It will be played on Saturday, the 16th at noon.

I love original music, especially when it is written by friends, especially when it comes from their souls. Songwriters will be featured each evening at the Thirsty Goat in Lajitas and the Starlight Theater in Terlingua. These are two great venues for enjoying refreshing beverages while listening to words spun into song. Prolific songwriter, Laird Considine, will perform on Friday, the 15th from 6 – 7 pm at the Starlight and I’ll be backing him up with the squeezebox. Then on Saturday, the 16th at 5 pm, I’ll sing a few of my creations with Laird weaving sweet mandolin lines into the mix.

What a great way to spend August! Of course, there will be hula hooping, too! A hooping jam will be hosted by the Barton Warnock Center on Thursday, August 14th from 10 am – noon. Come hoop with us on the state park’s spacious, cool porch, and loosen up those hips before a weekend of fine art and fun times.

Austin Bike Zoo – Alpine Artwalk

2012 Artwalk featured the Austin Bike Zoo and I was thrilled to join them by documenting the school visits, the parade, and the RIDES! Members from Artwalk had the great idea to make a wing-themed parade, so that the students could make wings and join in the parade. The creative process at work! I learned so much about the enthusiastic art scene in the Alpine schools. Cheers to the teachers!

Hooping to the Dry

The Big Bend region is experiencing exceptional drought conditions. We have only recorded 4/100ths of an inch (call it a trace) since September 23, 2010. I was hoping the hooping would conjur some moisture. This video is a test run on a new GoPro HD camera. I filmed with the camera on a headband, in my hand, and placed on a rock. The layering and effects are an inspiration from the filmwork of Mark Kneeskern, and the music is created by Julian Mock.